Massage Services Descriptions

Stephanie Lynn's Signature Full Body Massage Customized for YOU
Each massage is uniquely customized for you... Each massage will incorporate different modalities such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular Techniques, Polarity and Pressure Point/ Acupressure.  
30 minutes $45
60 minutes $75
75 minutes $90
90 minutes $105 

Hot Stone Massage 
A technique that has been used since ancient times. Hot Basalt stones and Porcelain stones used to soothe your body and mind and create a deep state of relaxation.  This massage uses the stones in long, slow gliding strokes for relaxation.  If there is tightness in the muscles, the stones will be used as treatment stones to work out tight muscles. 
60 minutes $90
90 minutes $115

Prenatal / Pregnancy Massage
Using state of the art Body Support Systems to keep you safely positioned enjoy a soothing and relaxation massage for your and baby
60 minutes $75
75 minutes $90

Ohh My Back - Just the Back Massage 
When your back is tired, sore or just needs some attention. This specialized back massage will give your back the specific attention it needs.  Deep tissue techniques along with soothing strokes to relax your mind and body. 
45 minutes $65
Add hot stones $70

Foot Special - You Pick the fragrance for your Oh So Deserving feet
Feet feeling like they need some special attention? This treatment will use hot towels, aromatherapy and reflexology to leave your feet feeling rejuvenated, soft and stress free. 
30 minutes $45
Add hot stones and exfoliation 45 minutes $60
Add paraffin and hand massage 45 minutes $60

Head / Scalp - Shoulders / Neck & Face Massage 
Relax, Unwind and Enjoy this treatment that begins with your shoulders and neck massaged to eliminate tension and stress in these areas.  This is followed a scalp massage incorporating acupressure points that will allow your whole body to relax. Then the face is massaged with nourishing facial oils tailored specifically to your skin.  A warm towel completes this treatment.  
Wonderful as a stand alone treatment or as an add on to your full body massage. 
30 minutes $45
Add on to another service $35

Feet, Hands, & Face 
Using Hot Steam towels with aromatherapy this is a must for those commonly overlooked areas of the body. Each area will be cleansed, exfoliated and massaged. Feel refreshed head to toe with this luxurious treatment. This treatment begins with the feet and then moves to the hands and finishes with 
45 minutes $65


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